Damsel in distress...well sort of...

I feel kind of horrible about this post because I don’t like to ask for things. *nervous squirming*

I have a Greatest Journal I use to archive my horrible fangirlings and I’d really like to give it an awesome layout but it just so happens I’m positively awful at journal layouts. U.U

I know quite a few of you are awesome at them and I was really hoping that perhaps someone could help, or at least point me in the right direction.

(As an advanced warning I’ll point out that the theme I’m going for might make some people uncomfortable.)

If anyone has any suggestions, tips, or would be willing to help I’d be incredibly grateful and forever in you debt.
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Borrowed this from Leigh because it looked like fun.

Everyone can ask me one question, about anything they’d like and I will answer 100% honestly.
I can’t promise all the answers will be nice of course,so ask at your own discretion. ^___^

Comments of course will not be visible so no one has to be freaked out.

Come on guys you know you want to have a go! XD
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I'm just now getting around to posting and all I have to say is....





*flails and squeals*
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Really odd....

I just had a dream that the dried up corpse of Abe Lincoln was dressed up as a hunter and taunting me from the attic of an old railroad cargo depot.

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Miko's Baby

Merry christmas and whatnot.

Well first of all see above. *huggles to everyone*

Second of all, I'm going home Thursday to see my family and hopefully some friends. I'll be there till the 29th, I'd absolutely love too see anyone who would like to visit. ^___^

And last. I apologize to everyone who has had to deal with me the past few days, I've been pretty down and no fun at all. I'm sorry for everything you guys have put up with from or because of me, I really don't deserve friends like you. I hope you will all forgive me, I promise I’ll try to be better to you all.

I wish the best of luck to all of you! Have a happy holiday!!! <3 <3 <3
(sorry about my emo)
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